Saturday, March 29, 2014

Because I Can't Keep Up With Myself...

  I decided to crank up the old blog again- simply because I can't keep up with myself!  I have been painting furniture for the last year and every single time I look for a picture of a piece I have painted, I have to search my phone, my iPad, my laptop, my camera....

  I want to put all of my "before and afters" in one place so I thought - "Why not blog them?" Then, I can keep up with what, when, and where all in one place!

     So, I will start today with all of the photos on my computer. In the next couple of days, I will add the photos from my phone and then the photos from my iPad.

     As for us - We are all just great! Aubrey, Lucy, Todd, and I are still kicking.

I still have the same job I had the last time I blogged - and still love it!

Aubrey quit his job at the firestation 9 months ago!  He is taking night classes now and trying to figure out what to do next. He is much happier now.

So, on with the furniture pictures....

I know it's an overload of pictures but that's what I get for waiting a whole year to start sorting them! All but one of these pieces has sold. The last little yellow table just can't seem to find the right home!  I am giving it one more month before I bring it home and slap another shade of paint on it.  In the next couple of days, there will be more of the same- just lots and lots of painted furniture. Sorry for the snooze fest but this was really just a post for me to get my photos organized a little better.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Glamping & Diarrhea

  Thankfully, the glamping and diarrhea did not occur on the same day.  After a very hard week at work (capped off by a 9 1/2 hour work day today) I was just looking forward to a little sleep tonight. I went to bed early. Ten thirty-ish. I was sound asleep when our dog, Todd, came into my room and woke me up.  This is the third night in a row he has woken me up so I was very fed up with him tonight!

  I screamed: "Todd, go away!!!"  He ran to Aubrey's side of the bed (Aubrey has a gig tonight so he is not home yet) and I heard this weird noise in the pitch black darkness!  Then Todd started growling and I heard it again!!


It scared me to death! I thought there was a snake or a wild animal in the house! I turned on the lamp just as I heard the sound again! Todd looked behind him and growled and jumped on the bed and ran all the way across Aubrey's empty side of the bed and my body that was still wrapped up in the sheets and blankets!

Fortunately, the sound that scared me and my poor dog to death was NOT a rapid animal! Unfortunately, it was the sound of explosive diarrhea hitting everything in a five square mile radius! Ugh. Todd. See, if he wasn't "The little wolf that cried wolf" I would have taken him more seriously and I would not be mopping floors and washing clothes at 2:00am!

On to more glamorous things-

We had a photoshoot at work this week for one of our magazine ads.  When I first started working at the shop, the ads consisted of lots of  'product shots' with people sprinkled into the ads on occasion.

My boss and I are a great team but we have a problem.  I read this astrology thing that said when our two signs get together we can be "over-indulgent"  and that could not be more true!  Our motto is "more is more!"  Our once simple photo-shoots are now a day long production with models and props!

This time, we decided to create a "glamping" theme!  It was fabulous!!  It took us all morning to build it (and of course it was 98 degrees with 100% humidity) and all of 20 minutes to shoot it and then the rest of the day to take it all down and put it all away!  BUT, it is going to be a cute ad!

Here is a picture:

Isn't it fabulous?!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Book, Chalk Painting, & Teaching

  I have not been blogging but I did manage to write a (very small) book about estate sales.  I have sold over 500 of them since I published it in May!  Fun! Fun! I wish I could follow that sentence with: "Aubrey & I are now multi-millionaires and I sleep on a firm mattress made from stacks of money."  BUT, my "book" is only $2.99 and I have to share my royalties with Amazon so I am not even close to that. Maybe if I had written a "mommy porn" book instead of an estate sale book...

It is called "Estate Sale Secrets" if you want to take a quick read.

I have also become very, very, very addicted to chalk painting furniture!  Here are a few of my pieces: before and after

There have also been several end tables, coffee tables, a corner cabinet, and a dining room table. I am working on a huge armoire now. 

All of this furniture painting (and my before & afters on my facebook page) led the local news anchor to ask me to teach the technique on the morning news!

I never saw the footage but I guess I did okay because my boss asked me to teach a class at work. Over 30 people signed up and we had to put people on a waiting list for the next class!

The class was fun and even though I had no idea heat and humidity would affect chalk paint (and boy was it HOT the night I taught the class), we worked through the problems and I think (hope) everyone was happy with their furniture when they left.

Do you guys remember this find from last year?
Finally sold it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Haunted House

Since I was away from my blog most of last year, I did not get to share Halloween with you guys!  The first week of October Aubrey and I went to one of the top Haunted Attractions in the USA - The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our hotel was right in front of the Haunted House so we went to their newest attraction - Necropolis 13 the very next night!!!  ---and let me tell you -- they REALLY were scary!  On the way home, we had brunch at a "real live" haunted house.  The whole haunted weekend inspired us to decorate our home for Halloween!

We started the day we got home and built, crafted, and tinkered until October 30th!  We had a blast building our haunted yard and stayed up many nights until 2am working on our masterpiece! We spent many nights standing out in the middle of the street in front of our house thinking of ways to make it even better!

Here are a few photos:

Our niece, McKenzie, helped us just about every afternoon as soon as she got her homework done!

We used lots of our vintage finds and plastic body parts from Dollar Tree

We made "bleeding candles" by painting red candles white!

Our first bit of decor were the crazy people in our living room windows!

We lit the fire by using orange Christmas tree lights! We spray painted the tips of the sticks black to make them appear charred!

This was the "candy table" - this photo was taken before work on Halloween morning -- way before the candy was added.

The made scientist lab on our porch was complete with a real Jacob's Ladder and bubbling sound effects!

A smoke machine in the cauldron (plastic flower pot we painted black!) completed the look of a real fire!

Boarding up the windows made our house really look abandoned.

I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and had a Big Bad Wolf stop by to Trick or Treat!

   These are just a few of the photos --- there was a haunted living room with a chair that Aubrey rigged up to rock by itself, a chicken wire ghost that hung on the side of the yard, lots and lots of tombstones, sound effects and mood lighting!  I will be sure to share the rest of the photos soon!

Friday, February 22, 2013


  Once upon a time my life was all about my blog and my blog was all about my life!  I felt like I personally knew all of my blog friends and I really thought of you as real friends.  Then, I stopped blogging.  Mostly because I was so drained and unhappy at my previous job.  I just had no desire to share my days because they sucked.  They really sucked.

  I was away for so long that when I came back the whole "Blogger" system was different. I still to this day have no idea where my "favorite blog list" is and I can not figure out how to read your blogs unless I look them up one at a time.

  I was going back through my old posts tonight and reading some of your comments and clicking on your faces only to find out that 2 of you have had babies!! BABIES!!  and I didn't even know you were expecting!! 


I am going to get back on top of this. I will conquer Blogger and get back in touch. I have missed you guys!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Estate Sale Saturday!

 Once again, there is just no place like home when it comes to finding great things at estate sales.  We went to one this morning and even though the newspaper ad didn't sound all that promising, we found a few really great things!

     Even though I love all things rusty, crusty, metal, and industrial I am trying to be more open minded when I go to these sales and trying to buy things that are still may taste but not all masculine and industrial. With that in mind - I was happy to find today's sale with cute chippy furniture.

     We got this cute lemon yellow table and chair set:

It looks off white in this photo but it is a pretty lemon yellow IRL

We got to small tables - one turquoise and one green:

Besides a little estate shopping, I am still working on redecorating my living room and kitchen. Here is a look at the bits and pieces we have together so far:

Antique surveyor instruments that were given to us, vintage typewriter my Mom gave Aubrey way before typewriters were a fad, a vintage Smokey Bear educational poster I got for $1.00, and the shelf we made out of a roadside find and old pallets.

Curtains from West Elm, old street sign I got from another vendor at work, suitcases from estate sales, old globes from estates sales, green crate from antique show in Arkansas

I found this vintage bentwood light fixture in a greenhouse at an estate sale and paid $5.00 for it!

The lockers are from the antique show in Arkansas. The chair was one of my first "finds" years ago when I worked at the restaurant. The sign was one I painted myself.

LOVE my "Skating Rink" sign!! This is the one I barely fit in the truck on the ride home from Arkansas and the reason I could not change lanes for 3 hours straight!

I was sick of the "great room" feel of our living room/kitchen so the lockers are a great divider.

 Still looking for artwork to go above the sofa but I know when I see the right thing I will know it!