Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The World's Longest Yard Sale - A Month Later

  I know I never shared the rest of the photos from "The World's Longest Yard Sale" but like I said yesterday - car shopping sort of got in the way. So, here they are - the photos from my phone + the pictures of some of the things I got!

 Aubrey in Alabama playing the BIG guitar.

 The back of the truck after the first day - see my red locker?
 Not sure if it's just us or if it always storms during "The World's Longest Yard Sale" but we are 2 for 2.

 I wanted to shop at this booth but 7:30 was too early for this vendor :(  We DID stop on the way back and all the things I wanted were sold. The moral of this story: The early bird doesn't always get the worm.
 Followed a sign and took a long and winding road up the mountain to a barn sale - discovered a big snowman made of barbed wire. SO CUTE!

 I got this Barq's crate and 2 geography books from the 1800s.
 My "big splurge" was industrial cabinet. I found it on the first day and thought about it until I could get back to on the last day. LOVE it!
 Here are a couple of pictures of my booth a couple of days after we got back:

 So many of the things in the photos have been sold at this point-- my booth had it's VERY BEST month in August!

These "coon dog" photos that Aubrey found on the first day in Alabama were among the first things to sell when we got back home.
 Decanters I found in Tennessee
 The Ford grill I purchased in Big Lick, Tennessee has also found a new home.
  I had one vintage University of Alabama and one vintage Auburn print. The U of A sold the first day and I am still waiting for an Auburn fan to come find this one.
  That's just a small look at some of the things we got.  I will be sure to show you the rest tomorrow.


chinamommy said...

your shop is so cute!! i'm so darn happy for you, finding your nitch and all!! if you see mine, please send it to MI!! :) maybe you need to host a contest to name your new rocket ship car!!

Lanyardlady said...

What a collection, and your booth looks chock full of treasures. You enjoy your life, and it shows.

Carrie said...

Where are you? LOL. Stopped over to see if you had the rest of the photos from The World's Longest Yard Sale up yet...

Hope you are doing well. :-)

Knobbekg said...

Would you be willing to sell that Barq's crate? I am a huge fan of Barq's and have been looking for one? Let me know,, thanks!

Knobbekg said...

Would you be willing to sell that Barq's crate? I have been looking for one just like that! Let me know, thanks!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Great pics-it looks like you had so much fun! What a HUGE guitar! I am so happy all is going so well for you, Angela!

Write more posts, please, so you'll inspire to blog, again. I am in such a writers slump.....How are the pooches?

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Hey, Angela~ I have been trying to comment on this post and it's not letting me. I am testing it now to try, again. Just wanted to let you know. Okay, here I go again-crossing my fingers!

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